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The ZHAW Students’ Union

Another pandemic-hit year from a student perspective.

Following the conclusion of the project on student participation in the Schools, the new Articles of Association of the ZHAW Students’ Union (also called Alias) were approved in December 2021. This step has now laid the foundations for the union’s future, including the establishment of new sections at a School level and greater student participation at both a School and ZHAW-wide level. It will also provide many other benefits. During the reporting year, the ZHAW Students’ Union organised the student teaching award for the first time. The awards ceremony is set to take place as part of the management event in spring semester 2022. At the end of 2021, the ZHAW Students’ Union was also made part of the ZHAW COVID-19 Task Force. In this role, it advocated students views, participated in discussions and was able to play a decisive role in the decisions taken by the Executive Board. Prior to this time, this perspective had only been considered to a limited degree. The ZHAW Students’ Union continues to work actively as part of the University Conference and at the start of the semester made social events possible for new ZHAW students.