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SODES: Swiss Open Data Exploration System

At a glance


In recent years, national and international institutions, governments and NGOs have made large amounts of data publicly available: there exist literally thousands of open data sources, with temperature measurements, stock market prices, population and income statistics etc. However, most open data sets are provided only in proprietary data formats. Thus, accessing and combining data from different data sources turns out to be non-trivial and is very time consuming. In fact, some data scientists estimate that up to 80 percent of all research time is covered by what they call “data jiujitsu”.

We thus propose SODES - the Swiss Open Data Exploration System - that enables easy and intuitive integration and access to public data. Analogous to Wikipedia, SODES should become the open data repository where people can share, combine and access their data.

In this project, we want to prepare a project proposal (KTI) for developing such a software platform.