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Digital Grass Identification

Preliminary project for the "iGräser App", concept development, algorithm determination, accompaniment

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The project was accompanied by a bachelor thesis dealing with the user-friendliness of the app. A web app serves as a preliminary study for the creation of the native app. The web app is already usable on any smartphone. Grasses can be indentified based on user-entered characteristics. In the project the digital determination algorithm was developed, tested and optimized.

Clarification and preliminary project for the follow-up project "Grasses Identification App «iGräser»" in progress of a bachelor thesis.

After completion, the implementation of the iGräser App Android was done with the extended project team in 2015 by Davide Stallone and in 2018 the maintenance / overhaul of the iGräser App iOS with the support of Adrian Busin.

The app content is fully translated in German and in French. The glossary part is translated in the Swiss national languages German, French, Italian as well as in English. The French translation was done by Dimitri Bénon, the Italian translation by Francesco Boscutti, the English translations were done by Nick Bell and by John Bennet. In addition to the Swiss distribution data, the app also contains the German distribution data of all recorded grasses.

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