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designing collaborative online learning for sustainability

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Development of students’ ability to navigate an increasingly uncertain global environment has become a major concern for business schools in today’s heightened geopolitical volatility. In parallel, markets such as those of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan along the Silk Road hold great potential for Switzerland and receive attention and investment from technologically advanced economies such as China. However, developments in the Eurasian region remain unfamiliar to Swiss students and the business community, and there is limited collaboration with these countries. Our consortium of five partners from four different countries come together to develop an innovative course concept following the project-based learning method in order to develop students’ global competencies and to teach students relevant knowledge pertaining to the Eurasian market, with a focus on sustainability. Development of students’ global competences and global citizenship will enhance future student employability and nurture collaboration success in the partnership regions. With this education project our objective is to develop the Swiss Eurasian Center for Management (created at HEG Arc in 2022) and design it as a hub for students, higher education institutions, organizations from the private sectors to foster further collaboration between partnering regions.