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The Swiss Environment & Energy Innovation Monitor was set up as part of the energy funding program (SCCER) with the support of Innosuisse and the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). It is a website and database which provides information on active startups and innovative projects and companies in the environment and energy business sectors. It is a continuously updated database, in use since 2014 and online since 2018. The core focuses on active startups and project ideas that might become startups, and will expand in the next years to innovative SME and innovation projects in larger companies. The monitor aims to bring visibility and accessibilty about these projects and startups to a wider audience, especially startups, investors, collaboration partners, researchers, and startup ecosystem supporters. They all can profit by searching the company list, get informed about support opportunities, networking events and research result. The startups can create their own profile on the website and enter data in the monitor, which is then checked and transferred by the innovation monitor team.