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Intelligent Configurator

Rapid Design Generation and Optimization in Modern Methods of Construction

At a glance


Development of a web-based building design configurator to enable a product-approach to construction.

The project is a research collaboration of the ZHAW Center for Building Technologies and Processes, TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and Implenia AG and includes:

  • Development of a configurator tool built upon existing BIM functions to configure customized building designs from a Kit-of-Parts, a set of interoperable components
  • Development of a BIM library for Real Estate Products, offering easy BIM data accessibility in a collaborative approach.
  • Establishment of a database system to enable 1) the ability to view, access, and edit design information for Real Estate Products, 2) the generation of a bill-of-materials, and 3) production check with manufacturing constraints.
  • Automation of the comparison between architectural designs and existing Real Estate Product designs from the BIM library to maximize their use across multiple projects and reduce development time.
  • Optimization of project configurations in a hybrid approach using Real Estate Products and engineered-to-order kit-of-parts for a high degree of customization.