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Local Food System Challenges

Learners develop solutions for sustainable local food systems

At a glance


A variety of economic, ecological and social challenges are calling our current food systems into question and demanding a transformation. Two perspectives are essential for the transformation of sustainable food systems:

  1. The food system perspective - this integrates the entire value chain from production to consumption (and beyond) in the analysis and requires holistic approaches to solutions.
  2. The local perspective - this focuses on local conditions and needs and aims at locally adapted solutions and closing loops. New approaches for our food systems require these perspectives in order to be sustainable and successful in the long term.

However, monodisciplinary education is not well geared towards teaching learners these perspectives. Our project aims to enable learners from different fields to develop new solutions for sustainable food systems, taking both perspectives into account. In addition, new ideas for local food systems are to be developed and their implementation initiated.

As part of the project, a new innovative teaching programme is to be developed and implemented in an initial pilot project. The target group are students and vocational trainees in the fields of agriculture, food technology and catering.  The new course is to be implemented in the form of a "challenge".  In this challenge, the participants develop new ideas for a local sustainable food system in interdisciplinary and cross-school teams. The challenges take place in a local context and in cooperation with a city, municipality or region. The ideas developed are intended to help strengthen local value creation, reduce resource consumption, close cycles and are geared towards the goals of an agroecological transformation.