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Testing a new method for characterization and optimization of the adhesion strength of ceramic and metallic coatings

Thermal Barrier Coating

At a glance

  • Project leader : Dr. Yasser Safa
  • Project team : Scherrer Christof, Thomas Hocker, Arnd Jung, Dirk Penner, Mark Terner
  • Project budget : CHF 90'000
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Internal
  • Project partner : ALSTOM Schweiz AG
  • Contact person : Yasser Safa


Ceramic and metallic coatings of components with high performance requirements such as turbine blades are used for protection against wear, corrosion and overheating. Their adhesion under operating conditions plays a central role for the component life. The development of these protective coatings depends strongly on the available methods. While materials analysis techniques such as SEM, EDX, TEM and XRD are now established, adhesion tests are still traditionally performed with "Haftzugversuchen" (adhesion tensile tests), their limitations in terms of accuracy and reliability is well known in professional framework. For this reason, a new method for the characterization and the optimization of the adhesion strength of ceramic and metallic coatings to be set up in the context of this project. Pursuing a combined experimental and numerical approach:

XRD analysis of the residual stresses of coatingsIndentation method for introducing precisely defined crack initiation in the boundary layer between the adhesive and coatingAcoustic emission analysis of the initiation and propagation of delamination of coatingsNumerical analysis of stress distributions, the buckling behavior and the crack propagation in coatings