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Pelt8 Scale Up

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Pelt8 offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for firms to automatically create sustainability reports. The platform enables firms to collect and manage all their sustainability-related data in one place accessible to suppliers, customers, and affiliated firms.

In this study, Pelt8 and the ZHAW School of Management and Law (ZHAW SML) aim to answer several hypotheses that are crucial for the advancement of the SaaS platform and the business model innovation. Our goal is to confirm that financial reports & bookkeeping of small firms is sufficient and suitable for creating a sustainability report with minimal manual inputs. This includes investigating the role of trustees, accounting firms, and auditors. Their inclusion would also imply a business model innovation from B2B to B2B2B. We want to assess the key factors and potential of such a transformation.

We will evaluate monetization potential of third-party apps in the Pelt8 platform based on customer demands for certain sustainability variables/reports. We also assess opportunities from gathering sustainability data at a large scale, e.g. data brokerage for benchmarking.