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Consultancy Assessment for the Development of BSc Tourism and Entrepreneurship at Khorog State University in Tajikistan

Café & Hotel "Goldfish", Alichur Tajikistan

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In cooperation with the Mountain Universities Partnership (MUP), Khorog State University (KSU) is pursuing the ambitious goal of introducing a Bachelor of Tourism & Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics.

An analysis of the tourism situation and entrepreneurship has shown that Tajikistan in general, and the Pamirs in particular, offer great potential for a wide variety of tourism activities. There are opportunities in mountain tourism, cultural tourism, health tourism, adventure tourism and hospitality. However, Tajikistan also needs to catch up with providers from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Seasonality, with a focus on the months from May to September, is a challenge, especially in the Pamirs. Geographical location and infrastructure make accessibility difficult and Tajikistan remains relatively unknown as a travel destination worldwide. Moreover, the uncertain political situation with the border to Afghanistan, despite it being effectively impermeable, makes it difficult to promote the region in a positive light, due to all the negative reports associated with neighbour.

With regard to entrepreneurship, there is often a lack of financial resources and business acumen. Legal framework conditions pose additional challenges to products and services. The analysis of the situation in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) has shown that there is a lack of knowledge and implementation experience. There are low-threshold continuing education programmes, which are available to people working in tourism, but without formal qualifications, and provide the practical essentials. However, the Bachelor of Tourism and Entrepreneurship is intended to be the first comprehensive practice-oriented training for the various aspects of tourism and entrepreneurship.

The first cohort is scheduled to commence in 2022, is to last four years and be offered entirely in English. Initially, an intake of around 20 to 25 students from Tajikistan and the surrounding countries is envisaged. Five focus areas will ensure the practical relevance and the orientation towards the needs of tourism and entrepreneurship in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO). With the Bachelor of Tourism and Entrepreneurship, MSU and KSU are creating the basis to strengthen the sustainable development of the entire region through tourism and entrepreneurship.