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Enhancing the grid infrastructure for fast charging stations of electromobility

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To provide reliability and security to the electrical network and minimize potential collapses, the current strategies to control the charging process, namely the optimal handling of the power electronic components involved, need to be improved and new control algorithms are urged to be developed, which should be suited according to the rules and policies of the local power grids such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Central Europe (Switzerland). A correct determination of the parameters of these controllers, define the robustness and charging speed of the batteries. Thus, developing new flexible and robust control charging mechanism is the main goal in this project and it envisages the following objectives:

  1. To investigate the appropriate configuration of a charging station when connected to the grid for today’s conditions with the current amount of EV mobility.
  2. To develop an improved robust control based on parameter identification, which can be tailored for Europe and Asia markets.