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Selective printing for e-mobility

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The transformation to e-mobility is in full swing. Buser Oberflächentechnik AG (contractcoatings) and CIPOSA (automation and specialty machine tools) are partners in servingcustomers in e-mobility (and other market segments) with innovative and sustainablesolutions. Customers are involved to supply complex parts for the proof-of-concept described in this application.The focus is on the niche markets of Formula E and electric aircrafts. Here, very high energy densities and challenging application conditions prevail on coatings for engine components.The main interests lay in the contactless and spatially resolved application of functionalcoatings. Conventionally, this is done by covering the parts, that are not meant to be coated,manually, which is a time-consuming, prone to failure process. X,Y-resolved jetting ordispensing could be an answer to overcome these problems. For these applications, thecoating materials must be adapted.

Up to now, there are no coating-materials easilyavailable, that match the specifications for jetting and dispensing and bring the electrical and mechanical properties, that are mandatory for the -application.Using this technology, we could learn to coat complex parts more sustainable (e.g. lesssolvent consumption) and more efficient (less prework, faster coating and curing).In the intended feasibility study, we will concentrate on the formulation of suitable coatingmaterials to demonstrate the versatility of the printing to shape process.