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Digital (public) Health Hackathon

At a glance


The Digital Health Lab (DHL) is initially planning a closed hackathon with an experienced partner, organized by the Institute of Business Information Technology (IWI). Thus, experiences shall be gathered to work on problems from the healthcare environment in annually recurring open hackathons and similar formats. In addition, essential elements are to be isolated that can also be used as activators in teaching.

The hackathon is just the first element of a series (barcamp, world café, ...) of formats that will be assessed in practical use. Experiences will be made available to interested parties at the ZHAW in the form of annotated instructions and the formats will be offered to research partners of the DHL to work on current issues in an environment that promotes innovation. In this way, DHL becomes an actual Lab and, together with resources such as the PoC-Lab, an attractive collaborator. After the first successful run, funding for further events will come from sponsoring and fees.