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Workplace Benchmarking Framework

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This project aims to develop a workplace benchmarking framework as an extension of Locatee Analytics, a cloud SaaS for occupancy monitoring in office buildings. The solution will enable data-driven management of office spaces based on KPI/benchmarks, to inform organisations on the efficiency and effectiveness of their physical work environment.The framework builds upon business-related and conceptual foundations of office space quality (partially developed with an Innocheque). The approach is unique in the combination of rich descriptions of the environment, occupancy data, and user assessments, for which the KPI will be develop. These data will be related to the standardised descriptions of the work settings to create the evidence base for design and continuous improvement of offices. The framework will follow an iterative development, combining practitioners’ input, scientific literature, and field research, Locatee’s product development expertise, and evidence from case studies.The benchmarking functionality will allow Locatee to increase prices in its subscription-based business model and to generate new revenues from annual reports and case benchmarks in a market of ca. 667 companies and company groups in Switzerland and 65’000 in the EU.Additionally, the benchmarking framework will generate consultancy opportunities forLocatee’s partners. The benchmark will also contribute to reduce the environmental footprintof companies through space optimisation and more sustainable building use. The benchmark addresses the impact of the work environment on health and well-being of employees, aiming for continuous improvement regarding these outcomes and contributing to social sustainability.The workplace benchmarking framework and its data triangulation approach will allow Locatee to provide new services and products, generate economic, environmental, and social value in Switzerland and contribute to a more thorough understanding of employee-environment interactions.