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Configurator as a Service (CaaS) # Sales Automation for KMUs

At a glance

  • Project leader : Carmen Oswald, Dr. Darius Zumstein
  • Project team : Aron Heynen
  • Project budget : CHF 15'000
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Innosuisse
  • Contact person : Carmen Oswald


The Institute for Marketing Management (IMM) provided Sitewerk AG with technical and methodological support in the development of the "Configurator as a Service" (CaaS). The success of the CaaS will essentially depend on the acceptance and on the application possibilities by the companies and end users. The following project contents were developed:

  • Survey of the requirements for CaaS solutions in order to determine the different industry and market activities
  • Survey of SME managers on the potential benefits of configurators
  • Determination of frustration potentials, needs and optimization requirements with regard to marketing and sales processes and their Systems
  • Elicitation of the degree of complexity of CaaS through in-depth interviews
  • Elaboration of use cases
  • Final presentation