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Cleaning Isolation rooms used by Covid-19 patients

At a glance

  • Project leader : Irina Pericin Häfliger
  • Co-project leader : Severin Gallo, Dr. Thomas Leiblein, Doris Scheiwiller
  • Project team : Roger Graf, Thomas Hofmann, Oliver Jud, Peter Kunz, Markus Rüfenacht, André Sidler, Franz J. Sperisen, Max von Däniken
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Internal
  • Contact person : Irina Pericin Häfliger


The Institute for Facility Management (IFM), together with stakeholders from the healthcare and cleaning sectors has produced a series of training videos on cleaning the isolation rooms used by COVID-19 patients. To train cleaners on how to clean isolation rooms with COVID-19 patients and ensure their safety. This is the aim of the training videos (DE with subtitels in FR/IT/ENG) of the "Network Cleaning Standard COVID-19" on the following topics: What does isolation with Covid-19 mean? How is personal protective equipment worn and taken off? What are the procedures of general and terminal cleaning of the isolation rooms? For each video there is a test whereby participants of the training can test their newly acquired knowledge. The videos are free of charge and can be used for training purposes.

Further information