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Environmental assessment of various battery management systems for an electric waste collection vehicle

At a glance

  • Project leader : Andrea Del Duce
  • Project budget : CHF 20'000
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Public sector (excl. federal government) (Stadt Winterthur / Fachstelle Smart City)
  • Project partner : Designwerk Products AG


The aim of the project is to analyse the environmental impact of different battery management concepts for an electric collection vehicle using a life cycle assessment approach. The following concepts will be examined in detail:

  • Use of a large battery that may need to be recharged during a longer break during the day.
  • Use of two smaller batteries that can be replaced during a short break.
  • Charging the battery with PV current, with/without rapid charging, from the grid/buffer.
  • Charging of the battery with standard current or recharging, if there is not enough solar power available, with/without rapid charging, from the grid/buffer.

The results are compared with the environmental impact of a current diesel collection vehicle. The aim is to find out which advantages and challenges from a sustainability perspective result from the operation of an electric collection vehicle fleet.