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Data driven applications for security assessment of transmission

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This main goal of this project is to develop and implement the necessary infrastructure based on PMU and a PDC (Phasor Measurement Unit and a Phasor Data Concentrator) database and exchange measurements in real-time between different countries, i.e. between power systems with different characteristics which can be used to develop data driven algorithms, for example for identification of dynamic system phenomena. The initial step has already been done at ZHAW within the framework of a recently finished European project “CloudGrid”:
Several PMU measurements from across the continental European power system can be exchanged, stored and analysed; centrally and in real-time. In this project proposal, the developed PDC and PMU infrastructure and algorithms will be extended to incorporate also measurements from China. Although the Chinese and the European power systems are not connected and geographically distant, the researchers can profit from Knowhow and data-exchange to derive and evaluate innovative solutions to cope with new challenges; e.g. to apply big data analytics for monitoring the stability of the electrical power system. The first objective in the long term is to grow the existing database with more PMU measurements, to exchange data with more participants from different institutions and different countries/power systems. The second objective is to use the available information/measurements to develop data driven approaches to support security assessment on power systems and to facilitate the know-how exchange using a large number of interesting real cases/events which can be analysed. A final objective is to use this grant to set the basis of future work in order to create a longterm
collaboration between ZHAW and Tianjin University.