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Environmental impact report by-pass road Sta. Maria, Kt. GR

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Sta. Maria is located in the municipality of Val Müstair GR on a main connecting axis between the Engadine and South Tyrol. The cantonal main road leads through the narrow centre of the village, where passage is very difficult due to the limited space available. In order to eliminate the traffic bottleneck, a bypass around the village centre of Sta. Maria is now to be realised. The bypass road is planned to the south of the village so that the connection of the cantonal connecting road to the Umbrail Pass can be integrated. An environmental impact assessment must be carried out for the project. For the environmental impact assessment, the critical points are to be identified and inputs for the project developed. Furthermore, the preliminary examination of the environmental impact report will be drawn up together with the engineering office Edy Toscano AG.