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Virtual Smart Winti Hero

At a glance

  • Project leader : Mirjam West, Onur Yildirim
  • Project team : Manuel Loth, Marcus Petschel, Catlin Pidel, Mario Ravasio, Aana Miriam Sharma
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Federal government (Bundesamt für Energie BFE), Public sector (excl. federal government) (Stadt Winterthur)
  • Project partner : Stadt Winterthur, Cymmersion GmbH
  • Contact person : Onur Yildirim


This project involves the playful communication of Smart City themes in a high-end virtual reality environment. The VR game "Virtual Energy Hero", already developed by the ZHAW, is to be expanded into the "Virtual Smart Winti Hero". The further developed game for young and old will take up current and future Smart City themes (energy, mobility, etc.) from Winterthur and will be made even more immersive and interactive. The aim of the game is to activate people at public events and to achieve a positive and sustainable learning effect.