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Mobile tool for the evaluation of forest edges - Digital Transformation

Mobile Valuation Key implemented as mobile app

Mobile tool for the evaluation of forest edges

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The tried and tested forest edge key (Krüsi et al. 2017) is suitable for recording the initial condition and later monitoring the success of forest edge enhancements, as it provides reproducible results and is easy to use (Fuhrer et al. submitted). For this reason, this forest edge key is to be further developed into a smartphone app. With the help of a web-independent 'native app' for iOS and Android, the evaluation of the forest edges in the field and the subsequent evaluation can be made even more user-friendly. The goal is to develop an app that allows to capture forest edges without an internet connection. In addition, it will be possible to store one photo per edge of the forest. The Mobile Tool is published in three of the four Swiss national languages German, French, and, Italian.

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