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Ecological expertise for a micro-hydro unit in St. Moritz

Assessment from the point of view of hydrology and phytosociology

At a glance


St. Moritz Energy will try to use water which leaks in the area Sur Chaunt Blais for producing electricity with a micro-hydro turbine. The idea is not new, since old documents and project plans as well as existing water intakes fwere found, showing similar considerations in the seventies.

The area shows from the point of view of phytosociology and botany valuable water fountains with well adapted plant species. It is a unique mosaic of wet meadows, dry meadows, different mountain forests and the manyfold water courses and their dynamics. For these reasons the area is planned to become a protected area.

Our task is to make an estimate about the possible effects of a new water intake and help to find the best possible location for this intake.