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ECRP – Enterprise Cloud Robotics Platform

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The ECRP project combines cutting edge robotics technology from Rapyuta Robotics (RR), an ETH Zurich spinoff, and novel cloud development from the Service Prototyping (SPLab) and InIT Cloud Computing Lab (ICCLab) at ZHAW.With ICCLab, RR will transform its existing open source robotics platform from a prototype to a full-fledged cloud-native enterprise ecosystem for third-party applications combining physical devices with cloud-hosted functionality.RR and ZHAW have agreed to release this work as open source software (OSS), under the label Rapyuta Core.

Kicked off in July 2014, RR has now grown to a team of twenty-seven full-time members spread across three offices in India,  Japan, and Switzerland. RR aims at building low-cost, light-weight autonomous mobile robots with high-level intelligence distributed in the cloud, enabling such robots to offload some of their heavy computation and seamlessly learn and share experiences with one another. The company’s initial team comes from: ETH Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control [1], which is well known for its unique and dynamic robotic systems [2], and  the EU-funded RoboEarth project [3], which helped pioneer the development of cloud robotics.

This transfer and innovation project combines the previous work of the SPLab and ICCLab in Cloud Orchestration and Cloud-Native Applications, with the world-leading research and technology of Rapyuta Robotics and will provide the seed for the Cloud Robotics research initiative at SPLab.

References[1] ETH Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control:[2] ETH Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control YouTube Channel:[3] RoboEarth: A World Wide Web for Robots.

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