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ACeN – Apache Cloudstack for NFV

At a glance


The ACeN projects seeks to deliver services and prototypes based on the ETSI Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) standard and Apache CloudStack. A novel hybrid load-balancing service (HLBS) will be created and and key NFV demonstrators will be prototyped. All will follow a common architectural approach, on common technology with contributions to open-source communities (under ASL 2.0) by Swiss implementation partners. This work will leverage and can enable access to a market worth up to $2.4 Billion by 2018.

The HLBS will deliver, in a cloud native fashion, the combined two key functionalities of:

  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

  • Elastic IPs (EIP)

Proof of CloudStack capabilities will be demonstrated through two NFV prototypes that are of importance to partners, namely:

  • NFV use case (UC) one through the implementation of an on-demand tenant-based inter-data centre connectivity VPN using CloudStack.

  • NFV UC five with an on-demand IMS service using CloudStack. IMS.

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