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Pre-project "Standard Sustainable Operation Switzerland"

At a glance


This preliminary project is part of the main project "Standard/Rating system for sustainable operation in Switzerland".

in order to achieve a targeted and market-oriented expansion of the sustainable building standard.

Switzerland in order to secure the use and operation phase. The "Standard/Valuation System

Sustainable operation Switzerland" should include a wide range of building types and types of use,

In addition to larger, professionally operated buildings, this also includes smaller buildings, such as

Buildings, including residential buildings.

In this preliminary project, the state of knowledge on the sustainable operation of buildings is compiled.

This includes research in the international environment regarding standards, norms and evaluation systems

(e. g. ISO range, GEFMA, BREEAM). Adaptation potential for the Swiss market

Circumstances are thoroughly examined.

This is accompanied by a market survey in the form of a survey of the industry (e. g. about the members

of the associations) in order to assess the attitude, market needs and demands on a company's products and services.

Standard / valuation system for sustainable operation. The purpose of this survey is to

participants can also be recruited for the working group.

With the help of the acquired knowledge, topic fields are then defined and a draft of a list of criteria as a basis for work and as a basis for a later evaluation system. These are discussed and developed further in a working group open to interested parties. The points of contact and the updating of relevant elements of the SNBS must be included.