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Centre for Product and Process Development (ZPP)

The Center for Product and Process Development (ZPP) specializes in innovative product development in the field of mechanical engineering. From the initial concept to the final series product.

Our key competences

Innovation Development

In Innovation Development, one of the main focus areas of our research, we look for innovative solutions to unresolved technical problems, develop and construct technical concepts, test these using functional models, experimental set-ups and prototypes, and then perfect them up to the series production stage. In addition, we research applications of technologies that are relevant to the future, and we utilize cutting-edge development tools.

Our key competences are:


Innovation Playground

Are you familiar with following comments in your business?

“We’ve already done that and it didn’t work.”

“It doesn’t quite work like that here.”

“Here’s this guy again with his ludicrous ideas.”

Could it be that your company is suffering from organizational blindness?

“Usually, appropriate solutions are already there in the minds of those involved. The trick is to unleash them.”

Gabriel Schneider, Head of Innovation Playground

We at Innovation Playground are experts in the application of both tried-and-tested and new creative methods in product development. We help you to take a broader view and clear the path for radical innovations to improve your business.

Our interdisciplinary team and ideal infrastructure allow us to turn your ideas into reality in double-quick time.

Key competences

In our search for revolutionary innovations, we consciously try to move away from conventional development processes. An agile mode of operation within our state-of-the-art infrastructure, as well as optimized use of resources, enable us to realize your visions speedily. We see ourselves as a powerhouse of ideas for new, unconventional methods, with industrial design and sustainability also playing a part.



At the Center for Product and Process Development (ZPP), the focus area of 3D-Experience is the latest 3D tools, CAx and VR technologies.

3D tools and 3D experience know-how accelerate the development of innovations and improve the quality of products. The mapping of the real world into virtual 3D prototypes supports the areas of design, marketing and management.

We develop niche software and new methods to optimize the process flows in 3D-Experience applications and Product Development.

"Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted." - Randy Pausch


Advanced Production Technology

At the Center for Product and Process Development (ZPP), the focus area of Advanced Production Technology is the successful application of new, economical manufacturing procedures. These include additive manufacturing methods (3D printing) and multi-axis machining. The optimal combination of these two methods (hybrid manufacturing) allows the successful implementation of innovative product development. We research into new additive methods, especially selective laser melting (SLM), develop the machines required for this and determine the ideal process parameters. For these manufacturing methods, we evaluate suitable application types and develop high-quality components and products made of metal or synthetic materials. We use our modern laboratory infrastructure and workshop equipment for the manufacture of test assemblies, prototypes and short production runs for student projects and for research and development projects.

Additive Manufacturing

Multi-axis machining

Welcome to the Center for Product and Process Development

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