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Prof. Jürgen Spielberger

Prof. Jürgen Spielberger

Prof. Jürgen Spielberger

ZHAW School of Engineering
Forschungsschwerpunkt Software Engineering
Obere Kirchgasse 2 / Steinberggasse 12/14
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 65 89

Work at ZHAW

Management role

Head of Research/Focus Area, Software Engineering

Position at the ZHAW

Prof. for Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering and Model Driven Software Development

Education and Continuing education

Expertise and research interests

Model Driven Software Engineering
Domain Engineering
Database Management Systems
Data Modelling

Professional milestones

Since 2018 Member of Symsala Advisory Board
Since 2013 Lecturer in Computer Science at the ZHAW and Head of the Software Engineering Division
2010 - 2011 Expert accreditation of the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) of the universities of applied sciences
Since 2008 Executive Board (Chairman, CEO) and Partner of Posity AG
2006 - 2008 Member of the university management, head of the computer science course and lecturer in the main office at the FH Nordwestschweiz (FHNW)
2005 founding member of the working group Visualization and Image Analysis (FHBB and University of Basel)
2003 - 2005 Head of the Department of Computer Science, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Lecturer in the Main Office at the FH beider Basel (FHBB)
1998 - 2014 Managing director and partner of Büli Apotheke Parfumerie Sieber + Co. in Bülach
1997 - 1998 Lecturer at IFA The Knowledge Company for Swiss Certified Business Information Technician
1991 - 2003 Managing Director and Partner of IS Informatik Support AG
1989 - 2000 Lecturer at KV Zurich and KV St. Gallen for Swiss Certified Business Information Technician

Educational background

2006 - 2007 Certificate studies in Mediation and Negotiation Techniques at the Bern University of Applied Sciences
1988 - 1991 Business Studies with specialization in Information Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
1988 Diploma thesis at ABB
1983 - 1988 Studies of Computer Science at ETH Zurich with specialization in System and User Related SW and Business Administration (MSc ETH)

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Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Oral conference contributions and abstracts