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Software Systems

We Transform Ideas into Software

The Software Systems (SWS) research group deals with the engineering of software development and software architectures, as well as the processing of natural language. In a highly complex and dynamic environment, we search for suitable means to optimally design software systems. Currently we focus on the following subjects:

We work on these subjects together with external business partners within national and international projects. Our research findings are then incorporated into the computer science study programme (German only) and are passed on to the students in modules such as the software project, programming, software development, web development and various elective modules (e.g. .NET).

Research Topics

Software Engineering

In the area of software development, we conduct research into issues such as agile software development and the fully automated generation of executable software from graphical models (Model Driven Software Development). In the domain of software architectures, we investigate implementation approaches to current techniques of distributed processing and storage (such as microservices, blockchain or Internet of Things), as well as architectural concepts for the integration of mixed reality systems.

Text Analytics & Dialogue Systems

We develop technologies for the processing of natural language. We combine methods from linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence to enable natural language communication between humans and machines. In our research we work on topics such as text classification (e.g. sentiment analysis), chatbots or Natural Language Generation.

Student projects