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Smart Lighting

Function: Traffic-dependent light control: The street lighting adapts its brightness to the traffic volume. The individual lanterns communicate with each other and can also be equipped with additional sensors, e.g. for measuring air quality. Furthermore, charging stations for electric vehicles, LoRa gateways, optical parking sensors or WLAN hotspots, etc. can be integrated. However, there are also lighting systems for indoor use which can be switched on and off and dimmed automatically.

Advantages: Significant reduction of power consumption and light emissions. In addition, street lamps can be used as multifunctional data transmitters or charging stations without the need to build new infrastructure. Great energy saving potential also indoors.

Disadvantages: The constant dimming and brightening of street lamps can impair the well-being of local residents.

Examples: Wädenswil, Urdorf, Monthey

Technology provider: Elektron AG, LEDCity