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Innovations for the CAS in Fundraising Leadership

The Center for Arts Management is offering a CAS in Fundraising Leadership program in fall 2023 based on a new didactic concept. As part of the CAS program, three continuing education courses, known as “Fundraising Bootcamps,” will cover current issues in fundraising.

The Center for Arts Management has expanded its fundraising management profile and now offers three one-to-two-day continuing education courses as part of its CAS in Fundraising LeadershipFundraising Bootcamp: Behavioral Economics, Fundraising Bootcamp: Great Fundraising, and Fundraising Bootcamp: Strategy Mapping

With the modularization of the CAS in Fundraising Leadership, the Center for Arts Management seeks to meet the individual educational needs of experienced fundraisers and alumni, in particular, and contribute to demand-oriented and lifelong learning in the spirit of the ZHAW Lifelong Learning Strategy.

New didactic concept

As part of the restructuring process, the didactic concept of the CAS program has also been further developed and optimized. The CAS in Fundraising Leadership now consists of two module blocks covering Philanthropy Management and Leadership Management as well as a transfer week, see factsheet(PDF 79,2 KB). In addition, the program will now be conducted through a combination of online and face-to-face instruction. This model allows participants greater flexibility, more room for reflection and individual involvement, and time for personal engagement in the form of performance assessments.

Participants will explore various aspects of philanthropy in the first CAS in Fundraising Leadership module. In particular, the focus will be on new forms of philanthropy that go beyond traditional formats and, for example, increasingly include sustainable and participatory approaches. At the end of the Philanthropy Management module, a performance assessment in the form of a seminar paper will critically address a question on a module-related topic.

In the second module, participants will encounter various topics related to leadership management and central to their leadership roles. The individual development of participants is actively promoted and supported by personal coaching from the lecturers. A written critical self-reflection is also required at the end of the modules, which can be taken as part of the CAS program or as stand-alone courses.

All topics covered in each module block can be seen in the contents section on the overview page of CAS program.

Fundraising Bootcamps with International Luminaries

The Fundraising Bootcamps, designed as compact courses, address current issues in the fundraising industry, impart first-hand knowledge from research and practical application, facilitate and encourage the exchange of experiences, and promote networking among like-minded people. The Fundraising Bootcamps are aimed at experienced fundraisers looking for professional interactions with national or international counterparts interested in the latest insights from research and practice and wanting to apply them directly in their daily work. These continuing education courses are taught by international fundraising luminaries and experts Thomas Kurmann (Oxfam America), Bernard Ross (=mc consulting), and Prof. Adrian Sargeant (Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy).

Great Fundraising

The two-day Fundraising Bootcamp: Great Fundraising explores how revenues can be systematically doubled or even tripled. To achieve this, the latest findings from fundraising practice and research in philanthropy are combined, and best practice cases are analyzed.

The bootcamp looks at the results of ten years of research into the distinctive characteristics of organizations that have excelled in fundraising; doubling or in some cases tripling their fundraising income. The thought-process behind solving fundraising problems and the power of similar mindsets within a team rounds the course off.

Prof. Dr. Adrian Sargeant, Lecturer, Fundraising Bootcamp Great Fundraising and Director of Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy

Course date: 6 and 7 October 2023, online
Registration deadline: 29 September 2023, Register here

Behavioral Economics

The one-day Fundraising Bootcamp: Behavioral Economics in Zurich or Geneva focuses on the latest research findings from behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience and their application for implementing creative, high-impact fundraising tools.

This course will introduce you to decision science. We’ll explain how to identify the underpinning psychological and neurological drivers and apply them creatively in your fundraising activities.

Bernard Ross, Lecturer, Fundraising Bootcamps Behavioral Economics and Strategy Mapping and Director of =mc consulting

Course date: 15 November 2023 in Geneva or 16 November 2023 in Zurich
Registration deadline: 8 November 2023, Register for Geneva here
Register for Zurich here

Strategy Mapping

The one-day Fundraising Bootcamp: Strategy Mapping focuses on strategy mapping as a tool for developing a long-term and successful fundraising strategy. It also helps to identify target audiences, markets, and tactics while ensuring that fundraising is integrated throughout the organization to achieve long-term success.

The bootcamp will be highly interactive. After discussing the theory and demonstrating the value of strategy maps based on examples, we will develop maps in groups step by step: identifying stakeholders (and their engagement along the process), defining the drivers for our strategy, the objectives (the WHAT), the metrics of measurement, and finally the initiatives that allow you to achieve the objectives (the HOW).

Thomas Kurmann, Lecturer, Fundraising Bootcamps Behavioral Economics and Strategy Mapping  and Director of Resource Development at Oxfam America

Course Date: 17 November 2023 in Zurich
Registration deadline: 10 November 2023, Register here

CAS in Fundraising Leadership

Fundraising is becoming increasingly important for society’s intermediary sector and the demands placed on fundraising managers are increasing exponentially. The CAS Fundraising Leadership provides the necessary strategies and tools to successfully reflect and master current challenges. Current fundraising know-how is combined with management and leadership knowledge as well as analytical and strategic methods.

Individual Consultation

Are you interested in the CAS in Fundraising Leadership program or a Fundraising Bootcamp and would like to discuss this further? We would be happy to clarify any unanswered questions and provide non-binding advice to support you in your individual study path and career planning. Contact us using the consultation form and we will contact you directly.