Winterthur Institute of Health Economics

«The Swiss health care system is complex. It consists of many different stakeholders and factors which influence each other. To understand the system is difficult and requires a high degree of specialist knowledge. With our degree and continuing education programs, together with our research and consulting services, we assist both specialists as well as private and public organizations to function successfully in this challenging environment.»

Prof. Dr. Urs Brügger, Head of Institute of Health Economics

The Winterthur Institute of Health Economics is a center of competence for economic and business administration issues in the field of health care. The activities of the institute are Health Technology Assessment (HTA), health economic evaluation, health service research, patient classification systems, health policy, strategy and process optimization, market analysis, and integrated care. 

Core Competencies

Continuing Education

Health care is booming and at the same time driving demographic and technological developments. Rising costs and how to finance them are ongoing issues. At every level, there are questions concerning the efficient use of resources. The demands placed on professionals in this complex system are constantly increasing. In our continuing education programs, specialists share their experience and knowledge from many projects and from applied research.

Research and Development

In our application-oriented research & development, we deal with current health care related issues and so promote knowledge transfer from the classroom to the workplace. Our findings are also integrated into our degree and continuing education programs. An example of this collaboration takes the form of government-sponsored research projects for practical application (e.g., CTI projects).


We support public and private providers of health care with both strategic and operational projects. Subjects handled include strategy and management consulting, process optimization, project management, business planning, business administration and financial analysis, as well as the development and implementation of innovative care methods. Based on current and successfully completed projects, we are able to provide a range of experience and skills, particularly in our areas of specialization:

  • Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • Health care insurance
  • Geriatic care
  • The pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, pharmacies
  • Integrated care