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Human-Information Interaction

We Care about Information Interaction

The HII research group explores innovative natural interaction concepts between users and digital information. These interactions are generally mobile and multimodal and include new modalities such as gestures, speech input and output as well as mixed reality interactions.

Since mobile users place high demands on the usability and user experience of mobile applications and services, these must be developed in a user-centered manner from the outset and must be continuously evaluated in real contexts with real users. Classical lab-based approaches to usability testing are not well suited for mobile applications and hence there is a need for new usability test concepts.

When developing user interaction concepts, it is also important to consider accessibility aspects, to ensure that the interaction is accessible for as many users as possible including, in particular, those with disabilities and older users.

Research Topics

Mobile Usability Lab

The Mobile Usability Lab investigates the latest interaction modalities (speech, gestures) and fosters user-centered development of mobile applications and services. It leverages innovative  sensors and interaction possibilities of current  and future mobile devices to achieve an optimal user experience.

ICT-Accessibility Lab

The ICT-Accessibility Lab focuses on accessible interaction with information for older people and people with disabilities. The Lab has established deep expertise in the area of accessibility of websites, documents and mobile apps. It evaluates websites and apps for accessibility and develops tools and plug-ins to make PDFs accessible.

Visual Computing Lab

The Visual Computing Lab deals with the generation, processing and analysis of digital images. Through the combination of advanced computer graphics and computer vision techniques, the lab develops innovative solutions in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality and data visualization.