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Institute of Management and Social Policy


The Institute of Management and Social Policy develops solutions for organisations that work on social problems. It addresses leaders who want to bring about further development in the social sector and who have the courage to act in a forward looking manner, to adopt unconventional solution and to take a more entrepreneurial stance. Together with its partners, the institute breaks new ground, so as to make the social and non-profit sector a more innovative and effective field of activity. The focus is on analysis of the professional activities and co-production processes of leaders, staff, supervisory bodies and external stakeholders.

The institute focuses on three topics:


The institute’s staff are qualified experts in the domain of management and social policy. Together, they cover the fields of teaching, continuing education, services and consulting, as well as research and development.


The publications released in the context of the individual staff members’ scientific work provide an in-depth insight into the topics that they address.