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Institute of Diversity and Social Integration

Our focus

 The Institute of Diversity and Social Integration studies the diversity and heterogeneity of people and their situation in life. How can social integration be strengthened when it is threatened by old age, residence status or material hardship? How can people help shape their social environment and flourish within it? Which factors promote equal opportunities in a population in the long term? Social work involves addressing social challenges of this kind.

Vulnerable groups are often affected by several different disadvantage factors at the same time. Our aim is to provide a nuanced understanding of these factors so that social work professionals, as well as organisations and policy makers, can intervene appropriately and effectively.

The Institute focuses on three topics:

«Our society is as diverse as the people who comprise it. One of the central concerns of the School of Social Work is to ensure that all population groups can be integrated into society, regardless of their material, legal, cultural, age-related or health-related conditions.»

Prof. Dr. Monika Götzö
Head of the Institute of Diversity and Social Integration


The institute’s staff are qualified experts in the domain of diversity and social integration. Together, they cover the fields of teaching, continuing education, services and consulting, as well as research and development.


The publications released in the context of the individual staff members’ scientific work provide an in-depth insight into the topics that they address.