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Institute of Delinquency and Crime Prevention

Porträt von Dirk Baier
«Violence and criminality are part of every society. The objective of our work is to study current manifestations in Switzerland and to support the activities of those involved in prevention and intervention.»

Prof. Dr. Dirk Baier
Head of the Institute of Delinquency and Crime Prevention


This institute addresses issues regarding the causes of delinquency and criminality, as well as the possibilities and limits of societal and institutional responses to them. Prevention corresponds to the subject area of intervention, with the goal of (re-)establishing norm-compliant behaviour and of reintegration or non-recidivism.

The institute focuses on three topics:

  • Domestic violence
  • Juvenile delinquency and violence
  • Reintegration of offenders


The institute’s staff are qualified experts in the domain of delinquency and crime prevention. Together, they cover the fields of teaching, continuing education, services and consulting, as well as research and development.


The publications released in the context of the individual staff members’ scientific work provide an in-depth insight into the topics that they address.