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Institutes and Centres

The School of Social Work combines four institutes and the Centre for Social Work Studies under one roof.

Institute of Childhood, Youth and Family

How do children and young people grow up in Switzerland? Do they have access to education and social integration? How can the protection of children and adults be ensured? These are the sorts of questions addressed by the Institute of Childhood, Youth and Family. It is a place of training and continuing education for social workers that conducts application-oriented research and development. This versatile expertise also shapes the range of services we offer. Our aim is to contribute to the well-being of adolescents and their family environment.

Institute of Delinquency and Crime Prevention

The Institute of Delinquency and Crime Prevention explores the causes of criminal behaviour and the search for ways to prevent such behaviour. The areas of activity related to social work cover family, school, public social spaces and reintegration. We train professionals for these interprofessional and interdisciplinary fields, offer a wide range of services and address the latest hot topics with our research and development projects.

Institute of Diversity and Social Integration

Integration means that people should be able to participate in our society no matter how different they are and what their living situation may be. This is a key concern of social work. The Institute of Diversity and Social Integration examines where and why the participation of certain population groups is insufficient and develops solutions to change this. We address current challenges facing society on an empirical and evidence-based level, thereby helping to ensure high-quality teaching and continuing education that is linked to research.

Institute of Management and Social Policy

Social organisations are confronted with diverse demands and expectations, be it from the state, politics, the media or society. They also face fundamental changes such as economic development or digitalisation. In association with its partners from the social and non-profit sectors, the institute is forging new paths to meet these challenges innovatively and effectively.

Centre for Education, Development and Services

The centre organises the bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, networks the four areas of activity and establishes conceptual foundations. It also helps the institutes to fulfil their fourfold performance mandate. It works closely with professionals in the field as well as with other higher education institutions.