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Bachelor’s degree

The bachelor’s degree course in social work is a scientifically sound, application-oriented degree programme that opens up very good career opportunities. Students obtain skills in all areas of social work and can graduate with the professional qualification «Bachelor of Science in Social Work UAS Zurich».

Individual focal areas

The bachelor’s degree course in social work is a broad-based general course that incorporates the following practical fields: social work, social pedagogy and socio-cultural animation. The choice of areas of specialisation, seminars, practical training and bachelor’s thesis topics enables individual profile building.

Portrait of Judith Bühler

«The broad-based general degree programme covers a wealth of topics that can be looked at in more depth according to choice. So I define my focal areas myself.»

Judith Bühler, student taking the bachelor’s degree course

Flexible course structure

Due to its modular structure, the bachelor’s degree course can be completed according to various full-time or part-time study models and leaves room for professional work and/or family responsibilities. The course consists of a basic study period and a main study period, along with practical training, which is integrated into the course.

Practical training

Practical training as an important part of the bachelor’s degree course in social work and accounts for almost a third of the credits to be obtained. The main focus is on developing professional competencies.

International courses offered

Internationality and interculturality are important parts of the curriculum for the bachelor’s degree course in social work. Alongside the specialisation module «Migration, integration, diversity», elective seminars on current international topics are offered every semester.

At a glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Social Work UAS Zurich

Workload: 180 ECTS Credits

Organisational form: Full time / part time

Duration: 6 semesters (full time) / 9 semesters (part time)

Start of course: CW 8 (spring semester) / CW 38 (autumn semester)

Enrolment deadline: Enrolments are accepted on an ongoing basis

Place of tuition: Zurich

Language of tuition: German

Tuition fee: CHF 720.- per semester, plus additional course-related expenses

Subsequent degree programmes: Master of Science in Social Work UAS Zurich