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Practice, politics and science are constantly faced with new social issues, raised as a result of societal development. The School of Social Work plays a role in overcoming these challenges by ensuring that topics relevant to society take centre stage in its research and development projects.

Research projects

The research and development at the ZHAW School of Social Work focuses on four thematic focal areas: Childhood, youth and family, Delinquency and crime prevention, Diversity and social integration, Management and social policy.


Our research projects are based on issues relevant to society and to the profession. The projects are designed to help close the gaps between theory and practice, or between generating knowledge and using knowledge. The projects are supervised and executed by qualified, well-networked researchers with comprehensive expertise pertaining to social services and the education system.

Cooperation with internal and external partners

Our research groups work together with internal and external partners in a variety of ways:


The ZHAW School of Social Work conducts research on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, cantons and municipalities, public and private institutions, foundations, NGOs, and trade associations. In addition, the ZHAW School of Social Work executes projects supported by national research-funding bodies and private foundations (e.g. the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Commission for Technology and Innovation, and the foundation “Age-Stiftung”).