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Preparation and enrolment

Visiting students should plan their stay in good time and make arrangements with their home university, which also nominates the applicants for the ZHAW School of Social Work. It is advisable to organise accommodation, as well as health and accident insurance, and to clarify the conditions of entry into the country if necessary, at an early stage.


Students from partner tertiary institutions and other universities, or universities of applied sciences, are able to attend the ZHAW School of Social Work as visiting students. For visiting students in the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP), the terms of admission are less strict. A grant is also paid. In general, a stay as a visiting student is possible in any semester, but we recommend visiting students to have already acquired basic knowledge of social work at their tertiary institution.

Preparation for a stay as a visiting student

It is advisable to plan the study visit to Zurich in good time (one year in advance). The descriptions of the modules in the bachelor’s and master’s degree courses provide information about the topics and classes offered at the ZHAW School of Social Work. The home university specifies the conditions for a stay abroad and the recognition of credits.


Nominations for a semester as a visiting student or for work placement supervision at ZHAW are made by the home university. Those interested in attending the ZHAW School of Social Work as a visiting student are to contact their home university’s International Office to obtain information about the application process. The home university then contacts the ZHAW School of Social Work’s International Office.

Enrolment and deadlines

Nominated applicants receive the enrolment documents via email. The documents must be received by ZHAW no later than the 31st of March for the autumn semester, or the 30th of September for the spring semester. Applicants will be informed via email about their enrolment.

Before leaving home

It is up to the visiting students to arrange accommodation and the necessary insurance before their stay, as well as to observe the conditions of entry into the country.