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Institute of Management and Social Policy

Our Focus

How can social organisations act enterprisingly and prudently at the same time? How can future-proof solutions be developed with a wide range of stakeholders? And how can cooperation in heterogeneous teams be designed in a constructive and targeted way? The Institute of Management and Social Policy addresses these questions.

We work alongside specialists from the field to develop interventions and strategies to enhance skills. The aim is to scientifically ground actions within organisations, to promote the courage to experiment and to strengthen the mindset.

The Institute of Management and Social Policy combines different social science disciplines and approaches: social work, sociology, political science, social pedagogy, economics, educational sciences, philosophy, consulting science, gender studies and psychology.

The Institute focuses on two topics:

Porträt von Marianne Hänseler

“Complex challenges characterise everyday life in non-profit organisations. With the help of our partners from the field, we are shaping the future using current and interdisciplinary research data and methods.”

Marianne Hänseler, Director of the Institute of Management and Social Policy


The institute’s staff are qualified experts in the domain of management and social policy. Together, they cover the fields of teaching, continuing education, services and consulting, as well as research and development.


The publications released in the context of the individual staff members’ scientific work provide an in-depth insight into the topics that they address.