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The Hack4SocialGood is a two-day event bringing those from the social and technology sectors together to help social organizations keep pace with digitalization.

The social sector has important needs related to digitization, including software, online tools, and data analytics. Sometimes these needs go unrecognized or there are not enough resources to meet them. At the same time, there are people with technical expertise and resources who could benefit from working with the social sector - from a chance to improve one’s resume to, networking, recruiting, and finding a starting point for long-term projects. But it can also simply be about wanting to help, while also having fun.

This event focused on supporting technical development in the social sector. Collaboration between different disciplines is integral to success. Technical experts with interest in supporting the social sector and social service professionals interested in the digitalization are integral.


The two-day invent begins with an introductory program of talks from academics and professionals followed by group work. More details on the introductory program will be available soon.

The event concludes with a presentation of all the project groups, a jury award, and an audience prize.The jury will select the most outstanding project, which will then be awarded a prize of CHF 2000 by the Otto Wirz Foundation.

There will be catering, social breaks and a celebration at the event close. Sign up to make the most of the event with us, meet interesting people, learn something new, have stimulating conversations, give something back to society, and just have fun!

Target audience

People who want to contribute to improving digitization in the social sector and ensure that it is implemented equitably and fairly.

This includes not only people from the tech sector, but also people from social work, research, and anyone else who is interested.


At the event, we will develop digital solutions for problems or ideas brought to us by social work practice organizations projects (“challenges”). The goal is brainstorming and first prototypes that can ultimately lead to useful new tools.

The social interaction is just as important as the actual work. The event will bring different people together and hopefully provide the opportunity to think creatively about the current challenges of digitalization in the social sector while also having fun.

Calling social service organizations with digital transformation needs! Do you have an idea for a new digital tool? Are you stuck on a software solution? Or do you just want to make better use of your organization's data? Enter your Challenge here and describe your concerns or idea. We will review submissions. Then in the run-up to the actual event we will support you in preparing for the event to get the most out of your volunteers. For this, we will be holding a hybrid workshop on March 8, 2024 from 15:00-17:00. Save the date! Challenges can be submitted on an ongoing basis until the challenge workshop on March 8, 2024.

Check out challenges from past events for inspiration: