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MOOC Harm Reduction Services

Learn the professional and methodological competences for working with drug users and sex workers according to the principles of human rights in a free online course.

Did you ever ask yourself how the perspective of substance users and sex workers differs from your own? How drug consumption rooms work or how sex work can be practiced in a self-determined manner? These and other questions will be explored in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) «Harm Reduction Services for Drug Users and Sex Workers» – a free, publicly available online learning course. 

The MOOC focuses on social and medical services that respect the human rights and personal autonomy of drug users and sex workers. Switzerland has pioneering institutions in this field and several years of methodological experience. The course shares this knowledge by providing professional insights into practice, presenting concrete facilities and allowing participants to work on real projects. It is aimed to social and medical professionals working with drug users and sex workers worldwide.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are publicly available free online learning courses at university-level. They aim at unlimited participation for students all over the world and are open to anyone with internet access.

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Target Group

The course is intended for professionals from social and medical professions who work with drug users or sex workers and students of such professions who are interested in low-threshold target group-oriented work.


"Social work is not just about providing direct support to clients who face various obstacles. Stigma, poverty, discrimination – these are all issues that social workers have to address in other ways. Therefore social work is also political.” 

Sofia Fuchs, Instructor



Your Instructors


"The way we treat drug users and sex workers – and marginalized people in general – defines what kind of community we build; it defines who we are as a society.” 

Michael Herzig, Instructor



If you have any questions concerning the online course, please feel free to contact us: