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Center for Social Law

«Legal rights must be restored in the society from which they are derived.» (Niklas Luhmann)

At the Center for Social Law, we deal with socio-legal issues in both a national and international context. The key subject areas of our research and consulting, and our degree and continuing education programs are employment law, social security law, data protection law, health care law and discrimination rights. In addition, we deal with matters such as social assistance, adult protection, family law, and human rights.

Core Competencies

Degree Programs and Continuing Education

The lecturers and research associates affiliated with the Center for Social Law lecture in the degree programs of the Department of Business Law and other degree programs of the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Most of our continuing education courses are Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programs. Completing these certificate programs can count towards various Master's programs. Our continuing education programs are practical and based on sound theoretical principles. The work we do is interdisciplinary and geared towards customer needs.


Our research projects deal with topical issues and are generally conducted in co-operation with partners from industry or the public sector. They are financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, or other public research institutions. We also conduct research on behalf of political parties, public administrations, or private enterprises. To promote thematic and cultural diversity, we invite overseas researchers to use our facilities (PDF 8,2 KB). Our activities result in numerous publications (in German).


We hold conferences about socio-legal issues in a national and international context, and the Arbeitsrechtstagung (Conference on Employment Law, in German) is a regular event.

In March 2019 we held a Conference on Employment Law in collaboration with Schulthess Juristische Medien AG. We also offer continuing education seminars on other subjects such as data protection (in German).

Find a review of the previous conferences (in German).


We offer consultancy services and support to corporations and organizations on issues within the context of our key areas of research. With theoretical and empirically based knowledge and qualified methodologies, we develop tailor-made solutions ideally suited to the needs of our clients. In the area of diversity and law (in German), we develop individual solutions for corporations and organizations.

Competence Centers

The Center for Social Law works on the research and development of new products and services, as well as providing consulting services in close collaboration with representatives from the public and private sectors. From these collaborative ventures and projects, centers of competence such as the Zurich Center for Information Technology and Privacy (ITPZ; in German) and the Non-Discrimination platform (in German) have emerged and developed.


Our publications (in German) reflect our activities and key topic areas. They are frequently the result of years of extended research but also the products of content delivered in degree programs or in continuing education, professional activities, and consulting practice. Occasionally, we also feature as editors of anthologies and compendiums. Articles we produce regularly appear in legal journals.