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International Business Projects

The close cooperation with companies enables our students to work on practical international management solutions.

A particular strength of the academic programs offered by ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML) is the opportunity for students to closely interact with companies and organizations. Supporting businesses in their international activities and supporting students in acquiring international business and intercultural skills are two important goals of the Department International Business and the International Management Institute.

What we offer

We are actively seeking companies and organizations that would like to work together with us. As part of their coursework, students from our BSc International Management and MSc International Business programs examine the international business challenges and develop tailored recommendations and solutions.

Exemplary students' tasks can include an analysis of the environment, primary and secondary market research, development of alternative solutions and recommendations.

In small groups, students from our BSc International Management and MSc International Business programs analyze the following exemplary topics:

The results can include a conceptual solution, strategic analysis, business or implementation plan, depending on the defined project scope and level of complexity. Under the supervision of a faculty coach, the solutions include the application of the latest management theories and concepts as well as follow methodological and structured approaches. All communication and project presentation will be in English.

Company input usually consists of a kick-off meeting, one meeting to confirm the interim status and clarify any issues, as well as attendance at the final presentation. Upon completing the project, the company partner receives a proposed solution in the form of a final business report (elaborated by the students) and a presentation in English.

About the Institute

The International Management Institute focuses on the effects of globalization and the challenges affecting international business activities. In addressing these issues, we rely on intercultural competence and business expertise, supported by many years of research and the practical experience of our lecturers and staff. In our activities, we also benefit from the close ties we have established over time with international organizations, corporations, and professional associations.

Companies about us

Martin Schäfer

“Collaborating with ZHAW SML students on their international business projects is always very rewarding for us. Not only were we presented with very useful recommendations, both short- and long term. The students, furthermore, went out of their way to deliver a thorough market analysis that we can use for future marketing activities.”

Martin Schaefer, Head of International Medical Coordination at Genolier Patient Services (MSc business project, HS 2020)

Nicolas Huxley

“A thoroughly researched and realistic market entry strategy was developed that will be implemented into our midterm strategy. We particularly appreciate the practical approach with conclusions and recommendations that are within an executable implementation scope. Moreover, the early stage business model was understood and critically challenged when necessary. The outcome of this collaboration went clearly beyond our expectations.”


Nicolas Huxley, Founder and CEO, Elephbo / Huxley Design AG
(MSc business project, HS 2020)

Satschin Bansal

“The students of the MSc Business Project really impressed me with their in-depth analysis and strategy recommendation on how GoCheck should be entering the pre-defined Western European market. The group was working very independently and within a short time frame of just 5 weeks conducted an excellent stakeholder mapping enriched by very interesting customer insights (among other tasks). As the output is very practice oriented, we will be implementing some of the recommendations directly into our go-to-market strategy and plan to stay in contact with the group beyond this project.”


Satschin Bansal, Vice President International Business GoCheck
(MSc business project, HS 2020)

Markus Kramer

“The MSc students in international business did a fabulous job, grasping the context, challenges and opportunities of scaling the Florian Schlumpf brand globally extremely well. We were impressed by their enthusiasm, scientific rigor and careful thought they have put into their work. It was not only a pleasure and highly professionally conducted piece for academic work, but something very practical that has real and tangible value for us – anytime again!”


Markus Kramer for “Florian Schlumpf – Become Timeless”
(MSc business project, HS 2020)

Birdly / Somniacs

“This has been a very valuable project for us in reaffirming the direction we’re headed in as well as opening up new doors and ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. Additionally, having insights from fresh eyes also helps to look at things from a new angle and really drives creativity. We really appreciate the hard work your students put in.”


Somniacs / Birdly
(BSc business project, HS 2020)

Andreas Keller, PAWI Verpackungen AG

“My expectations of the quality of the business project Market potential middle east as motivation for internationalization were clearly exceeded. I am impressed by the depth, the drive, the professionalism and the connection between theory and practice that the young students demonstrated. The recommendations for action are specific and can also be implemented for a medium-sized company with reasonable effort.”

Andreas Keller, CEO PAWI Verpackungen AG, Winterthur / Switzerland.
(MSc business project, HS 2019)

“The presentation was very interesting for us and it was impressive to see how much understanding the students gained in such a short time. I will be happy to take the time to study all the work the students have done and am sure there are many valuable insights in the report. Many thanks also from our part for the pleasant collaboration.”

N.N. (MSc business project, HS 2020)

Contact us

A competent team of international management specialists with many years of professional experience are the coaches and supervisors of the MSc and BSc international business projects: We are looking forward to challenging questions, which we approach together with our students in a practice-oriented way.