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Teaching and research profit within the Centre for Economic Policy from a broad knowledge transfer between the university and the economy. In addition the members of the team bring in themselves as well as practical experiences into the teaching. We can support you in the following ways:

Analysis, studies, reports and evaluations

We support companies, public authorities, and organizations within the following fields:

Expertise and methodological support

As scientific partner we can support you with expertise and methodological approaches in various fields in theory and practice.

Knowledge Transfer

At the Center for Economic Policy, we communicate topical, specialist knowledge of economics tailored to specific target audiences at national and international congresses. Also our faculty members are available as speakers for corporations, associations, and the government.

Student assingments

We solve your enquiries as student assignments or as well as part of integrated projects with our students.

Our Topics

Macroeconomics and Public Finances
Here we look at topics wihtin the public sector. Those are govermental finances and tax policies, questions about sustainable public finances and other effects of govermental activities on the economy and society.

Health Care Economics and Education
The health care and education sector is facing different challenges. Our research projects wihtin those fields analyse the economical problems and we develop sustainable solutions. Examples of it are analysis of price and quantity development within the health care system or the financing and development of the educational system or the lack of qualified personnel.

International Economics and Trade
With acrossing-borders view we try to portray Switzerland within a macoreconomic situation. The international trade and exchange rate policies are inside this portraits the main points.

Environmental-, Energy-, and Ressource Economy
The economical behaviour with resources is more important than ever before. The Center of Economic Policy provides with their analysis in path-breaking topics a sustainable contribution to the worldwide Economic Policy. In addition we offer for national and international economic and envormental groups a plattform for the exchange of actual environmeltal topics.