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Center for Economic Policy

«Our methodological strengths are on an econometric, empirical-experimental, and theoretical level.»

Prof. Tilman Slembeck, PhD, Head of the Center

The Center for Economic Policy is the point of contact for economic subjects at the ZHAW School of Management and LawOur team is engaged in the teaching and research of applied micro- and macroeconomic issues. These range from studies of environmental policies and the Swiss-EU relationship to the real-estate market and questions of migration.

In addition to our involvement in Bachelor's and Master's programs, the team also participates in various continuing education programs. The economic knowledge and wide experience of our specialists are incorporated in studies, presentations and reports which we carry out on behalf of corporations, associations, third parties, and charitable organizations.

Core Competencies


Our team teaches in German and English and offers customized modules for all fields of study at the School of Management and Law. In addition we organize together with the Insitute of Public Management the field of Study "BSc in Business Administration with Major in Economics and Politics". The focus laid within the Major is in all fields of the public management, public companies, national and international Non-Profit organizations and Non-Governmental organizations.

Continuing education programs

The Center for Economic Policy does not offer any continuing education programs. Nevertheless our teachers participate in various economic courses within different continuing education programs.

Knowledge Transfer

At the Center for Economic Policy, we communicate topical, specialist knowledge of economics tailored to specific target audiences like BSc, MSc and continuing education students or at national and international congresses. Our faculty members are available as speakers for corporations, associations, and charitable organizations.


Our focus areas are efficiency analysis in the public sector — economic, health care, and environmental analysis —, and the evaluation of political processes. For details of current research projects, please refer to our studies and reports. In addition, all research publications are listed under publications as well as team member profiles.


Our methodological competencies include economic modeling, quantitative analytics, empirical-experimental economic research, efficiency analysis, economic policy analysis, and evaluation. We provide both professional and methodological support to our clients in the following areas:

Our Main Research Areas

Public Finance:
Reto Schleiniger, Tilman Slembeck

International Economics and Trade:
Dario Fauceglia, Björn Plaschnick, Maria Rueda

Environmental, Energy, and Resource Economics:
Reto Schleiniger

Competitive Analysis:
Tilman Slembeck, Dario Fauceglia, Björn Plaschnick, Andrea Günster

Health Care Economics and Education:
Reto Schleiniger, Tilman Slembeck