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Labs 1: myScripting


Tuesday, 14.06.2022


Designing effective MOOCs and Blended Learning Courses with the Educational Design Assistant myScripting


Claude Müller Werder,

Jennifer Erlemann,


Session 1: 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Session 2: 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm




SI 04.23


An increasing number of higher education institutions are considering replacing part of the face-to-face classroom instruction with an online learning environment. Research findings reveal that such flexible study formats can improve access to education without compromising the learning outcomes, however, the effectiveness of blended and online learning depends largely on the quality of its implementation (Müller & Mildenberger, 2021). In this workshop design principles for digital learning are discussed and it is demonstrated how effective blended and online learning environments can be designed with the educational design tool myScripting. The tool suggests context-dependent activities for a lesson setting and analyses the design continuously, providing valuable tips for further development. Role-specific outputs, as well as interfaces to LMS, facilitate the implementation of the scripts. In addition, the collaborative functions support teaching in teams and in-depth reflection on educational designs.


Duration of session is around 90’.

Please bring your own device (laptop, tablet) to the workshop.