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CAS Global Mobility Management

The economy of the 21st century is global. Cross-border employment relationships meanwhile come in various forms (posting, staff leasing, weekly resident, commuter, external consultant, or working from home). 

For the strategic planning and operational implementation of global personnel assignments, companies need global mobility managers equipped with the necessary expertise.

Until recently, there were no programs to provide specific, comprehensive training in the field of global mobility management. This program closes this gap. Its foundation module includes all relevant information concerning labor, migration, social security, and tax issues. In its advanced module, participants learn about the development of (global) posting policies including the design of posting guidelines, as well as the best possible design, justification, and execution of international employment relationships.

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the use of instructional case studies, and the employment of practitioners as instructors, the CAS in Global Mobility Management has great practical applicability.


At a glance


Certificate of Advanced Studies ZFH in Global Mobility Management (12 ECTS)





CHF 7'900.00

Comment on costs: 

Tuition fee: To be paid in full at the start of the program or in increments. Fee for individual module: CHF 3,950.


Campus of the ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur and Online

Language of instruction:

  • English
  • All teaching materials are in English.

Additional Information: For further details, please contact the Director of Studies Mr. RA (D) Dr. iur. Lothar Jansen.

Objectives and content

Target audience

  • Global mobility managers in medium to large companies in Switzerland
  • Level consultant, senior consultant, assistant manager, manager, at Big 4 consulting firm
  • Fiduciaries, fiduciary experts with an international focus, such as payroll accounting etc. for cross-border cases
  • HR professionals
  • Payroll specialists wanting to know more about global mobility
  • Employees of payroll providers who wish to expand into the international field
  • Personnel managers in SMEs who, due to the broad scope of their responsibilities, must be able to assess international issues



It provides a wide range of specialist knowledge in the areas of labor and immigration law, freedom of movement, corporate law, as well as international social security and tax law. Provides tools for the strategic and operative planning, implementation, and processing of international employment relationships, comparisons of tax scenarios, as well as organizational abilities.


The unofficial language of global mobility and expat management is English. The CAS in Global Mobility Management is the first continuing education program in Switzerland in the field of global mobility management taught in English.


The CAS program has a modular structure consisting of two modules:


The CAS is characterized by methodological diversity. In addition to lecture, discussion and literature studies, individual practical cases and a comprehensive case study from practice serve the transfer of knowledge and the teaching of practical application skills.

More details about the implementation

Lectures / classroom lessons: Usually on Friday, 8.45am-12.20pm and 1.15 to 4.50pm; and on Saturday, 8.45am-12.20pm (exceptions possible).

Enquiries and contact



Offered in cooperation with


Admission requirements

  • Diploma from a recognized university of applied sciences or a predecessor school such as ZHW, HWV, HTL; or diploma from a recognized university or polytechnic (diploma, licentiate, Bachelor's or Master's degrees); at least three years of professional experience at time of application.
  • Alternative: An equivalent qualification and at least five years of professional experience; at least two years of professional experience in a global mobility-related field.

Applicants who do not have any of the aforementioned qualifications, but have sufficient professional experience in global mobility management as well as additional qualifications, may be admitted on merit.

Information for applicants

Applications are considered in the order in which they are received.

Start Application deadline Registration link
26.08.2022 on request Application

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