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Facts or fiction? The question of fair access to disability benefits

Disability insurance and, in particular, the question of fair access to the benefits it provides have in recent years increasingly led to major political and jurisprudential debates. It was for this reason that Coop Rechtschutz AG commissioned three studies tasked with addressing the following topic: “Facts or fiction? The question of fair access to disability benefits”. These studies were authored by Thomas Gächter and Michael E. Meier (University of Zurich, professorship for constitutional, administrative and social security law), Philipp Egli and Martina Filippo (ZHAW School of Management and Law, Center for Social Law) and Jürg Guggisberg (BASS research institute) and are now available here

As part of the expert evaluation, the Weissenstein Symposium took place on Friday, 5 February 2021, during which the reports’ findings were presented and the speakers were available to answer questions. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the presentations and subsequent panel discussion were recorded and can be viewed here until the end of February 2021.