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H-DisNet-Workshop: «Hybrid Thermo-Chemical Technology for Heating, Cooling and Humidity Control»

The Innovation Workshop of the EU-Project Hybrid thermo-chemical district Network will take place on November 16th at the Adlershof Science City in Berlin. External speakers will give an insight to the status quo of district heating and cooling technologies and will analyse the achievements of H-DisNet.

The picture shows the absorbers in the demonstrator at the greenhouse Wangen
Absorbers in demonstrator, greenhouse Wangen

Nowadays, about half of the energy consumed in Europe goes into heating and cooling, which could be covered by the excess heat available in Europe, but this is not economically affordable with the ongoing technology. The exploitation of heat at low temperature (excess or renewable heat) in an district heating and cooling network working with salt solution instead with water is the innovative approach pursued by the EU research project H-DisNet funded from the European Union‘s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 under the grant agreement 695780. The ZHAW Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering (IEFE) participates to the consortium of this project and develops in cooperation with the TU-Berlin and Watergy the core process technology to make this vision happen.

IEFE togheter with the other six partners of H-DisNet consortium wants to give with the workshop at the 16th November in Berlin an overview insight to the work of the past 2 years, answer questions and stimulate a public discussion about the future of Hybrid thermo-chemical Technology. This is a unique opportunity for stakeholders along the value chain – from the supply side (Industry and Operators) to demand (Private Housing, Public buildings, Communities and Industrial sites) as well as stakeholders in support functions (Policy, Finance, Construction, Technology, Science and Associations) to learn more about our innovative technology and to discuss with experts from the field. The Workshop will bring together relevant stakeholders to demonstrate on site the knowledge and results gained through H-DisNet about processes, components, network applications as well as simulation and control methods to allow the industrial R&D to pick up the technology and to bring it to the market.

In addition to key note speeches, there is the opportunity to visit the demonstrators of TU-Berlin, there will also be poster presentations showing the results of case studies from different application areas as well as videos from the other demo sites in Newscastle and in Switzerland – the particular project of the IEFE for air temperature and humidity control in an orchid greenhouse. Latter will be presented by Serena Danesi, senior research associate of the Technical Unit Thermal Storage at the IEFE and one of the project manager of H-DisNet.

Learn more about the project visiting our Website and download the full workshop flyer here for more detailed information about location, time and Programme. 

The participation is free of charge, the places are limited, make sure to register online secure a seat.